Mouse (gentlekilling) wrote in shavedwomen,

Bush signs anit-abortion law

Without much fanfare and media attention, yesterday President Bush signed into law the Weldon Amendment, or so-called "Abortion Non-Discrimination Act" (ANDA). This latest attack on women's rights allows institutions to refuse to comply with existing or future laws that protect women's access to abortion services. It also allows health care institutions to refuse to give women full information about all of their reproductive health options.

In spite of its name, ANDA does not protect women seeking abortion services from discrimination. In fact, it discriminates against them. It is a wide-sweeping refusal clause that will have a deeply negative impact on women's ability to access abortion information and services.

The vast majority of Americans oppose allowing health care entities to deny services to women, even if those entities base their refusal on moral or religious grounds.

ANDA does not even require moral or religious grounds — health care entities can refuse to provide abortion or information services for any reason, and there isn't a thing that the local, state, or federal government can do about it. The whims of corporate entities will be able to trump the conscience and medical needs of women nationwide.
(Taken from Planned Parenthood e-news letter.)
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