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Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman, the host and executive producer of DemocracyNow! (independent, came and spoke at the NAU campus tonight about her collaborative book "The Exception to the Rulers," the Pacifica media network, DemocracyNow!, the importance of independent resources (bookstores, radio stations, media, etc. and historical understanding and so on. If you support these bad asses, you should bring DemocracyNow! to your nearby communities. Help expand the consciousness of the masses, within and without yourself.

She touched upon the diminishing amount of independent bookstores; a few years ago, there was a total of around 4000 independent bookstores in the US which has since decreased to around 1200. What can I say other than support independent bookstores; they support you.

I bring this up because I recognize the lack of projected communal mindset within the mass; I bring this up because I want to share common interest and raise awareness to what I feel is of high importance: equality. From the achievement of equality surfaces the words, the tortures, the accomplishments, the names, the histories/herstories, of the previously silenced and 'nonexistent.

It so completely important to me that wimmyn, such as Amy Goodman, are recognized as intelligent, notable figures not only because of our herstory, but because of our current administration... the administration that is dilligently pushing to remove a wimmyn's right to choose to have a safe, legal abortion. How is it that a patriarchal law is always working its way in and out of our fucking wombs?..

check out for info on wimmyn's rights around the world... and remember folks: "think for yourslef, question authority."

your neighbor,
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