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i've created this community mainly for girls with a revolutionary viewpoint, however, being exclusive is counter-productive, and so all genders are welcome and treated with respect, so long as that respect is returned.

this site should be treated as a forum for the exchange of ideas... most DIY tips and tricks of the trade. ideas include: scams, shoplifting tips, vegan/veggie recipies, sewing patterns, car/cycle care, different means of poetic terrorism, political discussion (although this should be limited to a minimum, as we all will have basically the same viewpoints/ethics/ideals), DIY health care (herbal remedies and such), and anything else anyone can think of that will help others from having buy into THEIR system!

this forum will NOT degrade into "i'm more [political/punk rock] than you are!", that is not what i've created this community for. all i ask is that you are someone who has dedicated their life to social change.