Major General Despair (cutterkayoss) wrote in shavedwomen,
Major General Despair

up and running

living with mom has many perks: lots of window space for my orchids, an occasional dog-sitter, hesitant taste-tester, and of course the one i was getting to: high-speed internet! with the massive blackouts in the city i work in ( freaky friday the 13th blizzard ), i needed something to amuse me for the next week or so. then i remembered: i created a livejournal community! gosh! i hope all of y'all that are members still maybe have a glimmer of hope for this community... we'll see. in all this meandering talk i've tried coming up with a topic, but it's failing me. oh! i've got it. let's talk about the worst jobs we've worked. wether the boss was hideous or you had to do things you really didn't want to, let's gripe about it.
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